Once people got over their fear of what Windows 7 held in store for them, they soon discovered that the operating system was actually (and surprisingly) very good. Windows 7 has turned out to be fast and efficient, with most of its applications etc in the ‘right place’. In short, Microsoft has finally turned out a decent operating system after Windows 3.1 and Windows 98.

One of the better features in Windows 7 is the Search feature. You can activate search in two ways.

1. Click the Start Menu and type in the search bar that appears at the bottom of the menu. This Search function can find applications on the start menu as well as files in attached storage devices. This is useful if you are lazy to go through the whole menu and find the application you need to launch. If it is a file you are searching for, then the main explorer search window will be launched after it fails to find your search criteria in the start menu.

2. By launching Windows Explorer, you can activate a more localized and filtered search. You will notice a search bar at the top right hand corner of the window. You can enter your search criteria here. You will also notice that it shows a few quick filters that you can apply to refine your search. Once the search results start coming in, you will notice the results have your search criteria highlighted.

The user friendliness of the search function and its thoroughness really make this feature a winner for Windows 7 .