As the jokes about Apple’s inadvertent naming of its newest product have slowed down, there is news that the online streaming service Hulu may be coming to an iPad near you.

Hulu’s owners are currently pondering over how they can bring an effective service to the iPad. The insider reports suggest that it will be a paid service or in other words a subscription package. While Hulu has been free so far online, there have been constant rumblings from NBC U, Fox and Disney that a premium service is somewhere in the offing.

The subscription service to the iPad, when it does materialize, will be the first step in monetizing the Hulu service. The rumors are that Hulu will eventually move onto a three-pronged approach, where it will reach consumers via the web, mobile and TV. Under this plan they intend to keep the current episodes free on the web while offering back episodes for a nominal fee while the mobile and TV services will be offered as subscriptions.

However, the first step of the larger plan still involves moving to a mobile device which currently happens to be the iPad. Unfortunately, the iPad does not support Adobe Flash, which is the medium used by Hulu and a myriad of other online video services to deliver their content. So it appears that a workaround solution has to be found. Unfortunately, for fans of the iPad and for Apple that solution is not going to appear by the time the iPad ships to consumers at the end of next month.