The Mobile World Congress trade show is set to begin soon and the big boys of the cell phone handset world are ready to come out all guns blazing. So, here is what you can expect from each of them at the trade show scheduled to take place shortly.

Nokia – Once the undisputed leader, Nokia finds itself challenged by the iPhone and the Blackberry. With its dominance reduced to 39 % of the Smart Phone market, Nokia is concentrating more on 5000 series models which are simpler and cheaper. The free satellite navigation feature that is included with all new Smart Phone models makes it unique among its competitors.

RIM – Business professionals love the Blackberry, which is reflected in the 20 % share that Research In Motion currently holds. The Blackberry Curve is RIM’s best seller due to its retail-friendly nature. Although it has a lower profit margin, the sheer volume of sales is making this model a winner for RIM.

Apple – The iPhone is still a phenomenon, even though it is almost three years since it was first released. It has been steadily growing while currently holding almost 14 % of the market share. Although no new features or developments are announced yet, Apple is focusing on is new markets. With China as the new target, expect the iPhone to challenge the #2 spot in the near future.

HTC – In response to competition, HTC will put out some lower priced models. HTC is also targeting the Chinese market and hopes the price war will go in its favor.

Motorola – After experiencing continuing losses over the past few years, Motorola is betting on Google’s Android OS to be its savior. The 14 million Smart Phones it expects to ship this year are forecasted to bring in over 50 % of revenue.

Sony Ericsson – Although it has struggled to make an impression in the Smart Phone market, it should not be surprising to note that it caters to three different OS’ – Windows, Android and Symbian. This seems to suggest a lack of focus on the part of the company. However Sony Ericsson plans for a big push in 2010, with its new Smart Phone models.

LG – With 20 new models set to hit the shelves this year, LG has obviously geared up for a Smart Phone blitz. Over half of the models are expected to run Google’s Android OS, while some of the others will run Windows Mobile and LiMo’s Linux.