If you use different methods to access the internet in different locations, keeping your bookmarks in any form of synchronization is a chore. For example, your work computer, home computer and mobile browsing device are never likely to have a synchronized set of bookmarks.

Mozilla’s Weave 1.0 seems to be the solution for this exact situation. Weave allows you to synchronize browser settings and bookmarks across any number of computers and all you have to do is install the add-on. All browser-based data pertinent to the user is encrypted and sent to a Mozilla cloud. So, the next time you log on to a computer with the Weave add-on that has been authorized by you, the settings will be restored so that it will seem seamless.

This is also useful if you are running multiple instances of OS’s. The consistent browsing experience will soon have you hooked and wondering how you did without it. The clincher in this whole deal is that mobile browsers can also be included to the Weave experience. Phone browsers can be updated via the same service making this a very powerful browsing tool.

What makes this add-on even more exciting is the eventual goal Mozilla has for it. The vision is to have a seamless browsing experience where the user can browse on his home computer, pick the mobile browser and continue browsing from the point where they left off on the home computer. This would make it the ultimate in seamless browsing technologies.