Apple’s Safari browser won by a nose ahead of Chrome in recent benchmark tests. Although in all fairness, it was only a beta version of Chrome that went up against Safari and that too in Safari’s own native environment of Mac OS. The Mac version of Chrome is 12 % slower than Safari but that is the only place it really fails; against Opera 10.1 for the Mac, it is ten times faster and is twice as fast as Firefox 3.6 beta 4.

However, as it is evident from above, all these tests were for Mac versions of these browsers. On the PC, Chrome reigns supreme in speed tests. Even Safari cannot come close to Google’s ultra fast browser. However, even the narrow loss cannot seem to dampen spirits at Google, as they seem to be very happy with the results. The speed they have achieved with the beta seems to be within expectations as they proudly proclaim that the icon on the dock (on Mac OS) barely has time to bounce before the browser launches.
The dominance of Safari and Chrome at the top has even prompted Microsoft to respond by enhancing the upcoming version of Internet Explorer. Redmond expects IE9 to get close to the two rivals while claiming that it has almost achieved that target. IE has the biggest share of the browser market with 64 % versus the 4 % that Chrome currently holds. This is ironic as IE8 can only manage a score of 24 on the Acid3 benchmark test (meaning very slow) compared to Chrome’s 100 (the maximum score).