Technology has gone through several phases of usefulness. Initially, technology was used to fulfill needs, in order to ease the load and now, it is used to provide luxury. This refers to technology in any area where humans and equipment interact. Over the years, the use of technology has meant the destruction of the environment, either by plundering natural resources or by pollution caused by the byproducts of manufacturing and the disposal of garbage.

This has led to a move towards greener technologies. Mostly spearheaded by recycling efforts and reclaimable energy, the movement is gathering pace. Many companies that produce electrical goods like mobile phones and computers are resorting to reusing or recycling material in their manufacturing process. This has benefits on many levels such as being cost effective, using less natural resources and producing less pollution. Reclaimable energy is becoming more of a necessity as many businesses are fighting to keep operating costs down. The use of solar energy and natural heating and cooling methods as well as natural lighting methods are helping both businesses and the environment.

However, none of these methods is 100 percent effective, as technology to support this does not exist. Recycled products still have to use a fair amount of natural resources and reclaimable energy has to be propped up with more traditional methods as sometimes they just do not have enough juice. Still, the signs are encouraging. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and the green movement will not change things overnight. As long as things progress in this manner, the future of the environment looks positive.