Cloud computing has transcended the trend phase and is now fast becoming a necessity for most businesses. The scalability and virtual resources available in cloud computing are not only bringing down costs but also providing various other benefits.

1. Enabling focus – By providing many automation and management features, cloud computing reduces the amount of time spent by management focusing on micromanaging the business. This in turn allows them to turn their focus more on core business activities.

2. Reducing cost – By paying only for what a business uses, the cost spent on infrastructure, energy consumption and other costs reduce drastically or disappear altogether.

3. Increasing mobility – Employees get the ability to access their data, files and even applications from whatever location they are at, provided they have an internet connection. This means that employees no longer need to be shackled to their desks to get their work done.

4. Speeding up implementation – Freeing yourself from the need to buy hardware, licenses and related services allows you to be up and running in next to no time. For example, migrating to Gmail based email services versus implementing a Microsoft Exchange Server.

5. Secure sharing – Sharing of data is more secure irrelevant of the physical locations of the parties involved. The internal data is not visible to any other parties in the cloud who do not have the necessary security clearance.

6. Scalability – Increasing storage space is possible within a matter of minutes, as it involves only the purchase of the service in comparison to installing new file servers and their related costs.

7. Flexibility – Distribution of computing resources becomes an automated service which requires very little planning.

8. Environment friendly – The reduction in hardware used, energy consumed and minimized carbon footprint are obvious reasons.

9. Customizability – Customized applications can be built with ease, allowing you to evolve quickly and stay ahead of the competition.

10. Increased collaboration – Having access to files from virtually any location allows employees to collaborate and exchange ideas easily and efficiently.