Google released Picasa 3.5 recently a new version of the free photo sharing and editing software. The new version gives users the ability to group photos by faces, a feature already available in Picasa web albums.

The new faces feature works almost like the similar feature available in iPhoto, scanning through your photos and grouping them by the people it finds in them. Once that is completed you will find a new album called unnamed people, where you can add name tags to the different groups. As it is with everything Google, if you are signed in, the application will auto complete the names from your Google address book. Along with the face recognition feature, the tool also provides better support for recognizing locations and geotagging your photos and placing them on a map. Picasa 3.5 also includes a revamped import tool that allows you to simultaneously import and upload photos from your camera to your Picasa Web Albums. Picasa 3.5 is a great tool to organize and share your photos. With the new features it and Google’s new Wave platform, things can only go up.