Google announced that it is opening up its web based real time communications service, Google Wave for the first time at the beginning of October. Over 100,000 invitations are being sent out to users who previously requested access to use Google Wave, on a first come, first serve basis.

Google Wave is the latest in their range of applications designed to assist people with their communications needs. The new software brings together different forms of communication including chat, email and collaboration tools like wikis in to a uniform browser window. The beauty of it is that everything happens in real-time. You can even see a comment or a chat message being typed in real time, letter by letter. Wave also attempts to solve current users a unique problem current web users have; dealing with the different web based collaboration tools and real time communication tools. These services include cloud based document sharing and collaboration tools such as wikis and real-time tools like chat, Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed along with others like photo sharing applications.

However according to Google, some features are limited by browser features. The other issue that they are currently experiencing is that the application slows down after a few hours of use, mainly due to memory leaks. That being said the engineers at Google are working hard to have it fixed before the official launch and bring a whole new web experience to users out there.