As Google’s Chrome web browser is picking up market share, Google has now made it easier for IE users to gain the same experience that Chrome users do. How? By releasing an open source plug-in for IE called Google Chrome Frame. It can be used automatically to load a website using the same technology used in Google Chrome, complete with its enhanced JavaScript rendering and support for HTML5 technologies like Canvas and embedded audio and video.

Implementing it is simple. All the developer needs to do is to add the following code to the page header:

<meta equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”chrome=1?>

Once you include this in your code, if the user is running Google Chrome Frame in his or her browser, the page will be served up in a Chrome wrapper allowing the developer to make use of all the new technologies supported by Chrome, even if it is not supported by IE. Google’s plugin , will enable everyone, even those using IE to take advantage of HTML5 as soon as possible and leading up to this fall’s public launch of Google wave, the communication tool that makes extensive use of WebKit’s HTML5 and JavaScript rendering capabilities, thus ensuring that Google Wave works for everyone, even IE users.