Google’s browser, Chrome has become one of the four most popular browsers in the world. Within just a year of it’s launch the browser has manged to secure about 3% of the total market share. Google mentioned earlier this year that it is talking to a major OEM about shipping Chrome with its PCs. Now sources at Google state that it has done a deal with Sony to ship its Chrome browser with all the Vaio brand PCs in the US. Neither Google nor Sony have commented on whether the browser will be included in the PCs shipped to other countries.

People who have used Google’s Chrome are extremely happy with its performance and use it above other browsers. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that is shipped with the Windows operating system is still the most popular browser in the world, while Mozilla’s Firefox is a distant second and Apple’s Safari comes in third. However, Google’s deal with Sony may not yield a significant benefit to its browser market. According to statistics Sony’s Vaio PCs have an extremely small share in the computer business. Google has mentioned that it is working on a deal with Dell to include the browser with their PCs, and if it works out, would lead to a much bigger portion of the computers sold than with Sony. However, they have not commented on the status of this deal.