iTunes is the default music playback application that comes with your iPhone and music playback is one the major features of today’s iPhones. Here are five other ways to listen to music without using iTunes:

1. Pandora: Pandora is a web based streaming audio application that is based on the Music Genome Project and is available as a free app for the iPhone. You can listen to specific stations and rate and vote for the music that is being played. You can use Pandora when in a Wi-Fi zone as well as over 3G.

2. AOL Radio: The AOL Radio free iPhone app is ideal for those who are more accustomed to traditional radio. You can listen to any number of stations that are categorized in to genres and use the Locals feature to listen to stations near your area and mark stations as your favorite.

3. Soma FM: is another app that allows you to listen to streaming radio stations. However this app is not free. With Soma FM you can bookmark certain songs to purchase later, which is great if you come across a new song you would like to have.

4. NPR News: If you are the kind of person who loves being up to date on things and wants to listen to news the NPR News, free iPhone app will be great for you. It lists out numerous news stories that you can select and listen to. It also indicates which stories are on air right now.

5. Play music in safari: To do this, you will need to create a basic web page and add links to streaming web station’s .m3u files. Then open Safari on your iPhone and tap the link and it will start playing the music on the browsers built in QuickTime plugin. These streams will stay playing in the background as long as you want.

There are plenty more options out there on the web. The appStore itself has thousands of more programs that can be used for streaming audio. We’ve just listed the most popular ones.