Apple is considering bringing the iPhone to multiple carriers as soon as summer 2010 in a bid to maximize market penetration of it’s flagship product. Analysts have pointed at the recent success and dramatic increase in sales in regions and countries that offer the iPhone on multiple carriers, as opposed to the US, where the device is still exclusively offered on only one carrier.

Aside from the market penetration numbers in other regions, sources state that Apple and AT&T are experiencing a few rough patches in their relationship, including coverage issues, feature support and controversy over app approvals. Also this news comes at a time when the FCC is reviewing exclusive contracts between wireless providers and handset makers to verify if they unjustly favor technology companies over consumers. Apple’s contract with AT&T wireless ends in summer 2010 and some experts have speculated that Apple may be looking at Verizon Wireless, the largest carrier in the US. However, since Verizon’s current infrastructure is not supported by the iPhone, it remains to be seen whether Apple will wait until it transitions it’s network to 4G, which may take several years or redesign the iPhone to work with Verizon’s current technology.