In order to promote their newly released line of Xpress music phones, Nokia has recently announced that they will be offering a free yearly membership to the Nokia Music Service with each Xpress phone purchase. New Xpress music phone purchasers will now be able to download music onto their phones and a personal computer for free during the yearly membership to the Nokia Music Service. They will also be able to keep their music downloads on their phones and computer after their free yearly membership is completed, if they choose to cancel their membership to the music service at that time.

With their new line of music phones and music service, Nokia aims to break into the highly competitive market of online music downloads. Already known for their affordable and reliable line of phones, Nokia stands to gain a large number of additional phone users if they are successful in their campaign to break into the music service market. This may not be easy given the long popularity and loyalty of many consumers to existing online music companies, and it remains to be seen if Nokia can offer both a superb phone and music service simultaneously.

With their new phone and free music service bundle, Nokia will be challenging the value of many of the packages currently offered by other phone companies. If Nokia is successful in marketing their new Xpress music phones to buyers and can attract a substantial number of users to their music service, Nokia will have made a very smart move with this offer.