With most households and workplaces using high speed Internet, Internet radio stations have become more popular. Internet radio can be more entertaining than the local radio stations we used to be limited to. Internet radio offers thousands of more music choices usually free or at a low monthly cost. It allows the user to hear languages from other countries and discover new artists.

There are many benefits to using Internet radio as opposed to plugging in a stereo player. Firstly, there is no static and users would never have to worry about locating a signal. Another benefit to Internet radio is being able to listen while at work. Most office places require computer work along with Internet access for their employees. This also allows every employee a choice in their music. Companies would not have to try to please everyone by picking a neutral station. A third benefit would be limited to no commercial time. Most Internet stations only use banner ads as opposed to commercials. Talk shows would no longer have to interrupt their hot topics because they have to take a commercial break.

Although Internet radio is mostly used on computers, there are other options. Cell phones such as the IPhone and Blackberry allow their users to download applications for Internet radio. So even if someone is at work but does not work with a computer, they can still listen to the radio. Even with the widespread adoption of MP3 players, radio stations will not be eliminated. With Internet radio definitely on the rise, radio disc jockeys will have always have a job.