Month: August 2009

This Is The Age Of The Netbook, And Nokia Wants In

According to Nokia’s own Executive Vice President for Devices, there’s a simple reason why this company (which usually operates on the cell phone market) has decided to come up with a netbook of their own. According to Kai Oistamo, their business is connecting people – and as such the Nokia Booklet 3G was a natural evolution for Nokia. That’s actually a good reasoning, especially since netbooks are the kind of device that effectively bridge the gap between a smartphone and a full-blown laptop. Judging from the technical specs that were divulged so far, a lot of research and planning was put into developing this device, and it’s clearly positioned as a confident step forward among the vast offerings of netbooks already available on the market. The much anticipated Nokia Booklet 3G does indeed convey the impression that Nokia has been paying good attention to what’s going on within the industry. This is a slim aluminum-cased machine with several integrated devices which aren’t always common in netbooks, including a 3G/HSPA modem, bluetooth, GPS, bluetooth… and of course wireless connectivity. Most notably, it sports a 10.1″ HD screen and HDMI port for high definition video-out. With a little over two pounds of weight and less than one inch thick and an autonomy of up to 12 hours on a single charge, it looks as though this is going to be a...

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Nokia Gives Free Yearly Memberships of Nokia Music with New Xpress Music Phones

In order to promote their newly released line of Xpress music phones, Nokia has recently announced that they will be offering a free yearly membership to the Nokia Music Service with each Xpress phone purchase. New Xpress music phone purchasers will now be able to download music onto their phones and a personal computer for free during the yearly membership to the Nokia Music Service. They will also be able to keep their music downloads on their phones and computer after their free yearly membership is completed, if they choose to cancel their membership to the music service at that time. With their new line of music phones and music service, Nokia aims to break into the highly competitive market of online music downloads. Already known for their affordable and reliable line of phones, Nokia stands to gain a large number of additional phone users if they are successful in their campaign to break into the music service market. This may not be easy given the long popularity and loyalty of many consumers to existing online music companies, and it remains to be seen if Nokia can offer both a superb phone and music service simultaneously. With their new phone and free music service bundle, Nokia will be challenging the value of many of the packages currently offered by other phone companies. If Nokia is successful in marketing their...

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The Rise Of Internet Radio

With most households and workplaces using high speed Internet, Internet radio stations have become more popular. Internet radio can be more entertaining than the local radio stations we used to be limited to. Internet radio offers thousands of more music choices usually free or at a low monthly cost. It allows the user to hear languages from other countries and discover new artists. There are many benefits to using Internet radio as opposed to plugging in a stereo player. Firstly, there is no static and users would never have to worry about locating a signal. Another benefit to Internet radio is being able to listen while at work. Most office places require computer work along with Internet access for their employees. This also allows every employee a choice in their music. Companies would not have to try to please everyone by picking a neutral station. A third benefit would be limited to no commercial time. Most Internet stations only use banner ads as opposed to commercials. Talk shows would no longer have to interrupt their hot topics because they have to take a commercial break. Although Internet radio is mostly used on computers, there are other options. Cell phones such as the IPhone and Blackberry allow their users to download applications for Internet radio. So even if someone is at work but does not work with a computer, they...

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Portable Stage Systems

If you are involved in touring productions such as rock concerts, live theater or other events, it’s important for you to be able to set up and tear down your stage as quickly as possible. A simple portable truss system for your stage and lighting needs can not only save you valuable time in setting up and moving your stage but it can also save you manpower costs. One of the best options is the xStage system from Milosgroup. The modular design makes it portable, flexible and easy to manage. It’s easy to integrate a lighting truss with the xStage system in order to add illumination for night time performance. To learn more about the xStage modular stage system for yourself, visit...

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Disposing of Your Old Computer

It is estimated that as many as 45 million computers reach the end of their usefulness each year, prompting a decision on what will be done to dispose of them. Computers contain toxic materials such as lead and mercury that can leech into groundwater, making them unsafe (and illegal in many jurisdictions) to put into a landfill. However, there are several ways in which obsolete computers can be safely recycled. The easiest way to recycle a computer is by contacting the original manufacturer. Dell and Apple, for example, both have recycling programs. In these programs, the shipping costs are borne by the computer manufacturer, and participation in these programs may entitle the computer owner to a small discount on their next purchase. If the computer manufacturer is no longer in business, consider whether the old computer may still be useful to someone else. An older computer can be an excellent gift for a child or family member. If this is not an option, consider donating the computer to a local thrift shop. This donation may be tax-deductible. Alternatively, an old computer can be sold to a pawn shop or at a garage sale. If the computer is so old that it is not desirable for anyone, and the computer manufacturer no longer exists or does not recycle, it will be necessary to contact an electronics recycler. Most local waste...

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